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Echuca Moama SUP Waiver

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Echuca Moama SUP Disclaimer & Waiver
244 141 64 618

To be eligible to participate in Echuca Moama Stand Up Paddle below I acknowledge, understand and agree for myself and on behalf of the group I'm booking for that:

I understand that the Activities [1] in which I or any Child [2] will engage in, with or at Echuca Moama Stand Up Paddle (EMSUP) (977 184 00 374) [3] involve inherent and other risks. Some of those risks are described in this Agreement and are incorporated here by reference.

I acknowledge that the Activities require a certain degree of physical condition, ability, and skill. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for determining my (or my child’s) suitability to participate in the Activities. I do have (or my child has) the requisite skills, qualifications, physical and mental ability necessary to properly and safely participate in the Activities. I understand that these Activities are not rides or amusement devices with guaranteed outcomes, but are instead leisure activities and/or sports which are not in my or any other persons control.

I further understand and agree that EMSUP shall have no duty to warn me of or to remedy any natural or manmade risks, dangers, or hazards. I (or my child) share responsibility for my (or their) safety and will follow instructions, make reasonable decisions, and act responsibly whilst engaging in the Activities. EMSUP cannot ensure my (or my child’s) safety and cannot eliminate all of the risks of the Activities. I choose to voluntarily participate (or allow my child to participate) and observe the Activities despite all risks.

I assume all inherent and other risks and accept responsibility for any property damage and loss and for any personal injury, illness, disability, emotional distress, and death that I (or my child) may suffer, whether described in this document or not. In consideration of EMSUP providing services and facilities and allowing me (or my child) to participate in or observe Activities, I agree to the following:

I agree to release and discharge EMSUP from any liability, claim or action (and on behalf of my child) may have for any property damage and loss, personal injury, emotional distress, illness, disability, and death, related to my (or my child’s) participation in the Activities howsoever incurred and use of any equipment or facilities.

I understand that if I or any child choose to not wear a PFD that has been offered to me, I am accountable and responsible for any injury or harm to myself or others.

I acknowledge reading and understanding EMSUP’s Rules and Regulations [4] relating to the Activities, facilities and equipment of EMSUP and agree to comply with and abide by those Rules & Regulations.

I agree that EMSUP may take and use photographs, video, film, and other images of me (or my child) participating in or observing the Activities. I waive any right of privacy, publicity, compensation, copyright, or other rights to those images and I consent to EMSUP using those images for any business related purpose including but not limited to social media.

I undertake to follow all lawful direction, I have read this Agreement, I understand its contents, I agree to the above terms and I sign it voluntarily. I intend by this Agreement to assume all hazards and risks, waive all rights to sue and release all liabilities and claims, and indemnify EMSUP for any claims arising from my (or my child’s) participation in the Activities.

I understand that this Agreement has no expiration date and remains in effect at all times that I am (or my child is) observing or participating in the Activities and will be binding on me, my family member.

[1] Activities are defined as anything associated with or occurring at, with or near Echuca Moama Stand Up Paddle (EMSUP) including, without limitation, paddle boarding, swimming, yoga and any other facilitated or non-facilitated activities. Activities also include usage of waterways, pathways, parking lots, transportation, kiosks and all other facilities as well as spectating, walking, races, and special events. Child means any persons under the age of 18 years. [3] EMSUP means Echuca Moama Stand Up Paddle and its owners, directors, employees or any volunteer. [4] Rules and regulations as exhibited to this Agreement.

Regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, I further declare:

  • I do not have any COVID19 or flu-like symptoms/fever and agree to abide by all rules as set out by DHHS at all times.

  • To the best of my knowledge I have not been in contact with anyone with a confirmed COVID19 case in the past 14 days.

Echuca Moama SUP Rules & Regulations

  • Always enter EMSUP vehicles on flat ground above boat ramp.

  • Please leave unloading of paddle boards to staff only

  • Please do not stand on paddle boards while on the sand, concrete or ground, please wait until on water

  • Please listen to demonstration and instructions, we are doing this for your benefit and safety

  • Always wear leg rope when on paddleboard

  • Please stick to the right hand side of centre of river, please do not hug the banks of the river, keep your distance from the banks of the river while riding your board

  • All powered vessels must give way to unpowered vessels (US). Please still respect the traffic around you (housebaots, speed/wake boats, paddlesteamers)

  • Please do not push or tackle others around you that are on paddleboards, look after one another

  • Please return all hired equipment

  • Please respect EMSUP equipment. Like any equipment you may hire, if damaged or lost you will be asked to pay.

Cost of equipment

  • Paddleboard $1300 (ave)

  • Paddle - $120

  • Leg rope - $60

All participants can swim 50 metres and persons under 18 will wear a lifejacket during SUP.


Thanks for submitting, see you soon SUPers, cheers Snelso.

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